Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Am I really going to admit this?

Yes, Yes I am!

This is a true story about sisters and two teenage crushes.

Melissa's Teenage Crush
Sara's Teenage Crush

This Tweet started it all.

(This is from Brian Thomas Littrell from the Backstreet Boys - Yes they are still around and yes they are a "boy band")

So I'm working on some Christmas songs with my family. :) wanted to know if my chirpsters would be interested in listening to them?? Chirp!

My phone alerts me of a text message.  It is a tweet from my sister.  
Mellers84: @ omgggg yesssssss!! me and @ Greatly agree we need christmas songs from you in our lives!
I am very confused, what is going on?  I hop on twitter to see the original tweet causing such a reaction from my sister.

I reply to my sister
@ @ SOOO needed. Brian's voice singing Christmas Carols ... that makes me school girl giddy.
Well a twitter conversation continues about how this particular Backstreet Boy needs to release a Christmas CD and how marvelous that would be.  

Then I find this tweet ... and this is where things get interesting. 
RT : I think you should check out 's "Welcome Home" CD. I think you would like it. :) wow I like this chirp a lot! 
I have no idea who Yahtzee27 is, but I do know who Shawn Michaels is!!!! My teenage crush, the one and only Heart Break Kid.  I also know that Brian added "wow, I like this chirp a lot!"  Which leads me to ask the question, "Is Brian Littrell a wrestling fan?  Do Brian and Bailey practice 'sweet chin music' on each other and flying elbows?"

Back to my story ... I find Shawn Michaels through Brian Littrell, and my reaction is OH! You know I have to follow that!!! So I click follow on @shawnmichaels_

Oh but it doesn't stop there.... 

I then tweet: 
"Ok @ how does this happen? Thru @ I found @ You know I have to follow that!"
Another twitter conversation transpires about how this is just an odd way to find Shawn Michaels.  Someone I would have never looked for on Twitter.

Well today I am still finding this rather humorous. 

So I tweet two tweets... The first: I still find this hilarious I found @ thru @ I understand the connection was about "WelcomeHome" still funny.

The second, to clear up any confusion why this if funny to me I tweet this.  related: Those who don't know - @ a @ (best boyband EVER) @ professional wrestler (Rockers, HBK)

So I am going about my day as if nothing is different.  Working, blogging, taking care of Kaits and Keith who is home sick today.  My phone goes off, it's a twitter text message.  
I get the following message.
ShawnMichaels_: @sara091507 Great song!
What is that a tweet to me from Shawn Michaels???  Directly to me??? In reply to something I posted??? I hop on Twitter to investigate... sure enough!  I geeked out.  My teenage crush just tweeted me.

So what do I do, reply to HBK and then I text my sister, no reply.  My sister is glued to her phone.  Ugh.  I call her, nothing.  I need to talk to my sister!  I send her a message on Twitter.  Finally she gets back to me as I am going to put on her facebook in all caps WHERE IS MY SISTER WHEN I NEED HER!  I delete this and type my status at SISTER! YOU ARE FOUND!  

We go back and forth for a little bit about our childhood crushes and other silliness.  Our next step is to get Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects to send a Tweet to Melissa. 

What a fun afternoon!


  1. Oh everyone needs a good Shaun Michaels reference now and again! Sings "I'm just a sexy boy(sexy boyyyyy) I'm not your boy toy (boy toyyyyy)" hehehe

  2. OH my gosh. I totally remember this. lol


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