Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Traditions


Christmas Traditions:

Up until this past year we never really had any traditions between Keith and I. We tried to start a few things, but it never really stuck. I love to bake, but we are watching our waistlines, so I don't. We don't have people come over that much so there is really no one to eat them for us.

Really the only one that we had was that each year we purchase a new ornament for the tree of something we did this past year.

Of course we did the whole family thing.

And we celebrate for as long as possible, our tree goes up before Thanksgiving.

Well we have a baby now. Okay we have a child now, she is still a baby for 7 more days. ***CRY***

We have added a tradition or two.

1. We get her a new ornament every year. One that has significance for this year. This year we bought her an Elmo. She loves Elmo, so much so that I read a Sesame Street book 3 times today.

2. We purchase the whole family a new pair of PJ's to wear Christmas morning.

3. We make a big breakfast that morning, after we open our gifts.


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  2. Your Christmas Day must be so beautiful! My mother-in-law also started the tradition of getting my son is own ornament for the tree; this year he'll be getting his 2nd ornament. All mamas are the same because mine is 20 months old and I still see him as a tiny baby although he looks likes he's 2.

    Thanks for linking up with Welcome Weekend! Hope you keep visiting and get a chance to sign up for my giveaways, they all have low entries.

  3. The new ornament idea is really nice. It will mean something each + every year!

  4. We buy new PJS every year to. that way Christmas morning pictures are in pretty new PJS. Thanks for linking up!
    Tiffany @ Wyatt Family Farm

  5. Am blog hopping and found your blog. I am now following. You have a beautiful family. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!


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