Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Challenge Day 17-21

So I have fallen behind.  It was a crazy (in a good way weekend) and now I am sick.

Day 17:  Something you are looking forward too.

Well I will go back in time to answer this.  On the 17th I was very much looking forward to seeing my family.  I had not seen my sister since August and I was going through Melissa withdraw.  I was looking forward to seeing them all actually.  Kaitlyn's birthday party was the 18th and they were all in town for it.  We were also celebrating Christmas on the 19th, so I was very much looking forward to the weekend.

Day 18:  Something you regret.

This is a hard one for me because I really try to live my life without regrets.  Especially since I truly feel everything happens for a reason.  Everything that happens is the hand of God at work and there is a reason for it.  So I will have to say that I don't regret anything.

Day 19:  Something you miss.
I miss going to church weekly.  I go to the churches website and watch the services but it's not the same.  I have tried going to different churches, but they are not the same as my church.

Day 20:  Nicknames
I have not had many nicknames, and none that have ever really stuck.  My parents called me buddinski for a long time because I would always jump in bed right between them when I was little.  My grandpa used to call me burnheart.  We all had nicknames from him.  In college my roomie nicknamed me Magoo - there were 13 Sara(h)'s on our floor.  Keith used to call me babydoll when we first started dating, now I am the generic hun.  :)  It's ok, I prefer hun over Sara anyday (from him anyway)

Today 21: Picture of me - From Saturday

I hope to blog about Kaitlyn's Party here soon.  I am still catching up on everything and this cold is getting the best of me.  I really don't think we have dishes to eat dinner on.   Happy Christmas Week!

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