Friday, December 17, 2010

Kaitlyn's Korner

I haven't posted on of these in awhile. 

Today she did the cutest thing.  I had sat down on the couch and was holding her.  I looked at her and said, "Can Mommy have a kiss?"  She gave me a Kaitlyn kiss - open mouth up against any part of my face.  Then it happened.  She put both of her hands on my neck and kept her face right up against mine.  Then started to giggle.  I think she was trying to "cover me in kisses" or "gobble me up". 

It was if she was saying to me... "Mommy, I am turning one!  Can you believe it?  So let's cherish this moment, I am not one yet - two more days."  Yes, I am little sad that my baby is turning one.  I am looking forward to all the things that this next year will bring, but I already miss the baby stuff.  Like snuggling in the rocker while she drifts to sleep.

These moments remind me why we work so hard ... so I can be home with her and not miss out on those moments.

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