Friday, December 3, 2010

December Challenge Day 3

Day Three: First Love

I met my first love when I was very, very young. He was there for me through some really hard times in my life.  He was there for all the break-ups, split-ups and heart aches.  Oh and he is soo cute!  Light brown hair and really dark eyes.

Okay, I am not sure I am creative enough to carry this on.  My first love was a stuffed bear I got for Christmas when I was 3.  I still have this bear.  His name is Burnout.  Burnout is still in my bedroom actually.  He's not on the bed anymore.  He sits in a corner with 2 other pretty special stuffed animals a bear that I gave Keith for valentines day the year we got married and the stuffed dog he gave me the year before we got Kirby. 

Burnout was there for all the good times and all the bad times in my life.  I could talk to Burnout about anything and not be judged.  I could lean on him, cuddle with him, there were plenty of nights I feel asleep crying on him - stupid boys. 

When you think about what love is this little bear filled all those things for me.  Now granted one of the best things about love is being loved back and yes the bear could not fill that part.   But Burnout was that first love for me.  He came from a very loving place and still has a very loving place in my heart.  Someday I may pass him on to Kaitlyn, but maybe not.  We will see.  Sure I don't lean on him the way I did before, but I look at this rather beat up bear and I smile. 

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  1. I still have my favourite cuddly toy from when I was a little girl. I just can't bear to pass him onto the children. Will I ever be ready to? I don't know either!

    That's so lovely that you still love yours too!!



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