Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Challenge Day 4 - Parents

Day Four - Parents

What do I say about my parents ...

Funny that today is this post.  I spent the whole day thinking about my family.  On December 19th (hopefully) we are celebrating Christmas with them.  Today I was shopping with SIL and I was out shopping for them.  I got some great things.  I can't post much about it because the family reads the blog.  They read, but never comment. They should comment.

How about I do it this way...
10 facts/memories about Mom
  1. My mom is young for women my age.  She was 23(?) when she had me.
  2. She is a full-time RVer.  That means her home is on wheels and can be in any city at any time.
  3. She grew up and lived in Wisconsin until 2007.  
  4. She is the middle girl of 6 children.
  5. She is a mom, aunt, sister, grandma and friend.
  6. She used to drop me off at highschool everyday before she went to work.  
  7. She was my supervisor at work on the weekends, people didn't like that.  Don't worry treated all of us the same.  (Seriously we all got in trouble at work - oh those were good times)
  8. Mom is a devoted mother.  Even though we are all adults she still can't say no to us when we really need things.  
  9. She might not know this, but I am thankful for the responsibilities I had when I was young.
  10. Mom is always on my side.
  11. Bonus - She is one of the strongest people I know.  If I am half as strong as she is I will be just fine.
10 facts/memories about Dad
  1. Dad's first girlfriend ever was Mom.  I love that.  (They met through his best friend - who he is still friends with - and a case of beer.)
  2. Dad is the happiest I remember in YEARS now that he is a full-time RVer.
  3. I think Dad will write a book about his adventures full-time RVing
  4. Dad is still pretty young too.  (Neither of my parents are 60)
  5. Dad is a jokester.  It prepared me for the man I married.
  6. My earliest memory is of my dad.  He was gardening, I was coloring.
  7. Dad picks out the best presents, especially when it comes to clothes.  I know weird, but true.
  8. Dad loves to read.  (I think it wore off on all of us.  He used to read us stacks of books before bed nightly.  There is a picture of me passed out in bed, dad reading and Bowser the black lab listening to the story - I think I was 5)
  9. Dad was very nervous about becoming a Grandpa, but he is great with Kaitlyn.
  10. My dad is a retired chef.  He is a wealth of information when it comes to the kitchen.  I use it often, while cooking, at the grocery store - I am thankful he knows how to use a cell phone.  Even though he still prefers the ancient kind.
  11. Bonus - My dad is a survivor.  He keeps on keeping on, even when things are their darkest.  Something I hope I can do when I need it.

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