Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Challenge Day 5 - Siblings

The Warner Siblings
Joe (youngest) Sara (oldest) Melissa (middle)
I love my siblings very much.  We have a great time when we are together.  So today I am going to do the same thing as yesterday.  

10 facts/memories about sister:
  1. Melissa Ann born on Halloween Eve.
  2. I took Melissa to her first concert.  It was a Backstreet Boy concert.  It was 8-2-98.  I had my sister and her best friend convinced that we were in the 2nd to last row.  We walked into the concert and I took them to the 10th row.  
  3. Almost 10 years to the date Melissa and I celebrated our anniversary at a Backstreet Boy concert in Kettering, Ohio 8-9-08.  This is a love we share together.  We went to see them just this last summer as well.  She has scene them 27 times, me 4.
  4. Melissa is an amazing writer and she knew she was going to be an author at the tender age of 4. 
  5. Melissa and I scrapbook, although this is something that neither of us really have time for it these days.
  6. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.
  7. Melissa and I are closer now than when we grew up.  (I think that happens with a lot of sisters.)
  8. She tries to steals the Fourth Hickman any chance she gets.  "Kirby, I am going to pack you in my suitcase and take you home with me."
  9. Melissa loves teal, anything related to London and stars.  
  10. She wants to marry a rockstar since a certain Backstreet Boy is not available until cloning people is a reality.
10 facts/memories about brother.
  1. Joe was born on Christmas Eve.  This was also Kaitlyn's due date.  Thankfully they do not share a birthday.
  2. Joe wanted to be a video game developer ever since he was a child.
  3. I took Joe to several wrestling events over the years.  This was a love that we shared for many years.  I don't think either of us watch it now.
  4. Joe was the second grandson on my dad's side of the family and is one of the youngest cousins.  There are a ton of girls on that side of the family.
  5. This might embarrass him, but it is not meant too.  Joe left me one of the sweetest notes in my CD case when I left for college.  He was 8.  I still have the note and it brings me to tears when I read it.
  6. He also made me a book about Shawn Michaels (my teenage crush) that I still have, and it is probably the funniest thing ever.
  7. Joe can make me laugh harder than anyone else.  He can make me laugh so hard that I cry.
  8. I took Joe to see Blink 182 the same day I talked to my husband for the first time.
  9. Joe is possibly borderline genius.  Okay, maybe not, but that kid is super smart.
  10. We love to play Rock Band and I suck at it really bad.
Then there is the new sister.  This is my sister-in-law and we are basically sisters.  It's great that she has been through so much that I have to deal with now.  It's nice to have her around. 

We did our annual Christmas Shopping and Lunch date yesterday.  We got so, so much done.   Plus it was snowing!  It was amazing!  We started shopping at 11am and shopped until we dropped.  Okay, not literally, but at the last store I said to her.  "It's good we have to get back.  My feet hurt."

She is my husband's brother's wife.  She is my friend and my sister.

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