Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Little Helper.

 Today I felt it hit me.  Tons of projects and it seems like so little time.  
  1. Christmas gifts for clients.
  2. Basket for MIL - photos of kids from both grandkids. (She does not read the blog)
  3. Picture with Santa
  4. Christmas parties
  5. Birthday party
  6. Wrapping gifts
  7. Saint Nick comes tonight!
So I kindly asked Husband if he would watch Kaitlyn while I worked on some projects.  I finished my half of the basket.  Now I just need my SIL to come over and we can finish the rest.  The stockings are hung and waiting for Saint Nick to fill them.

Around 4 I started working on the gifts for my clients.  Now I have been working on these for a while, but I could not make the cookies too early I didn't want them to dry out.  I will be delivering this week, so I started the cookies.  After diner Kaitlyn was wanting attention.  She has been super clingy the last few days so ... I had a helper. 

 A picture was missed, but she helped open the box.  I cut the end and let her help me dump it in the bowl.

Then we added the crushed candy canes.

Andn mixed it in.

I measured the oil and poured it in. While I we were making this batch the batch in the oven got done.

She watched in amazement.

We let her try one that was cool.

Then we ran out of chocolates.  So the cookies are now being dipped in powdered sugar.

We are packaging them up and delivering these cookies to my clients this week.  One box (part of the cookie is a cake mix) is enough cookies for 7 clients.  So it will only take 9 batches.  2 down, 7 to go.

After I finished the two batches tonight I said to Husband, "Please ignore the mess I am leaving the kitchen in, I have more to do tomorrow."

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  1. You have a super cute page. I LOVE pictures!! It's so refreshing to see so many on blogs :) I found you on a blog hop. I hope you'll come follow back or stop bye to say hi!



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