Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Funday

Life with The Hickman Four has been interesting over the last two days.

Saturday - I went to the gym in the morning.  Took Kaits with me.  She had a KidsFit appointment and we are working on separation anxiety, so we let Daddy sleep in and took off.  She had a great time and did really well.  Very little crying.  I had a great work out!  So great that it was hard to carry Kaits out to the car.  Then the excitement started.  3 minutes from the gym - wet cough coming from the back seat.  I look back my beautiful little girl is wearing her breakfast.  Down her coat, all over her car seat and smelling lovely - banana stomach acid.  I pull into the nearby parking lot to clean her up, try to calm her down and continue to head home.

I almost get in a wreck 2 minutes from my house and end up facing the wrong way on the main highway.  I get all turned around again and make it home.  I call Keith from the street.  "Come get Kaitlyn"  I was shaking.  He looks at me, "are you okay?"  "No, I will tell you all about it when we get inside."  

Well, my errands I was going to run got postponed.  I was going to do them right after the gym, but with this change of plans I did them a little later.  Well Kaits didn't want to nap and seemed to be acting fine, had no fever, so we went out and ran the errands as a family.  We had fun.  Get done right before nap time, so we get home I take her up to bed.  She naps for 45 minutes and wakes up crying.  Now this was not her normal I am up cry.  This was there is something wrong get up here now cry.  Keith went up and I hear, "OH MY GOD KAITLYN!"  Of course that means I go running!  My baby is wearing lunch this time and my husband is almost hurling in her crib too.  Kaitlyn needed to get a bath, it was ALL over.  I told Keith to start the bath then call the doctor.  Come to find out there is a bug going around and it lasts about 12 to 24 hours.  She basically slept through the night.  She woke up once, we gave her something to drink and she went right back to sleep.

I get up at 8 and I can barely move.  Yep, great workout.  I go about my morning, breakfast, get ready for church, the normal Sunday Stuff.

Today was a day to get some work done since Keith was able to pay attention to Kaitlyn, and she was letting him.  I worked and worked and worked and as I am typing this I am still working.  Printing a bunch of stuff that is needed for a Custom Party.    I worked/watched the important football game.  The one where the GREEN BAY PACKERS BEAT THE CHICAGO BEARS! Okay I may live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I grew up in Wisconsin.  My blood is green and gold during football season.  I tried really hard to be a Bengals fan.  It's too hard to be disappointed all the time.  Keith will just have to be happy with I want them to win and I will always be a Green Bay Packer fan.  I see nothing wrong with being a fan of two teams in different conferences.

Then I was further disappointed with the Steelers won their game.  More so because I wanted to stick it in my friends face that they are not all they are cracked up to be.  I will just have to wait for the Super Bowl stomping for that one.

So that was my weekend.  I will be heading up for bed here in a few minutes to lay on my heating pad and drift off into la la land.  Praying for a baby that feels better tomorrow and getting all my work done.

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