Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking it On!

One of my titles I take very, very seriously (okay, I take all my titles seriously).  Today I am going to be focusing on that of homemaker.

As the homemaker I am the primary chef at our home.  I am a semi-homemade chef and I like to doctor.  I decided today I am going to do my best to spend $300 on groceries to get us through the month of February.  This is almost $200 less than what we typically spend.  I am going to go through our cupboards and our freezer and plan meals accordingly.  We are going to eat what we planned and we are not going to go out to eat.  When we are strong enough to make the decision we will put the money we would have spent will be put into our savings jar. 

We are also going to add 2 nights a week of meatless meals.  Yes, we are working on losing weight so we need the protein.  We will get the protein we need through protein shakes. 

I will do my best to coupon on stock up when things are on sale.  I would love it if I could do one huge grocery shop and just fill in, but that is dreaming since there is little room in our kitchen for stocking up.

When I cut out the $200 dollars this month it will be put towards savings for our down payment on our home.

Let's see how I do. 

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