Saturday, January 8, 2011

December Catch Up

Time to get caught up on the blog.  
December 18th - Kaitlyn's birthday

Where to start.  December 18th - Kaitlyn's birthday, our baby.  My sweet little baby girl turned 1.  It went really, really well.  Her party was a Sesame Street themed party.   Kaitlyn had a few friends at the party - all of Kaitlyn's friends right now are boys.  Because most of my friends have boys. 

But first we need to rewind a few days.  Three days before the party I started all the baking and creating.  Here is the post about the cookies I made.  The day before the party I made her cake. 

The cake did pretty much take all day, but it was totally worth it and TONS of fun!  Each base layer is a different flavor.  Zoey is on one, Grover is on the other.  The small Elmo portion was able to be taken off for Kaitlyn's personal cake.  Before I started the cake I did all my needed shopping.  I decided I was going to create Elmo and Cookie Monster cups. 

Other decorations also had to be made.  I created the iconic lamp post.  I was going to use directional signs like the lamp post as well, but everyone had been to our home before and the ground was frozen.  The "Party Here" post was tied to our porch.  Other decorations included a sign on the garbage can reading "Property of Oscar the Grouch" and all the colors we used were related to the different monsters. Everything was put out the day of her party. 

The day before her party Auntie, Uncle Joe and Ryan showed up.  Birthday morning Kaitlyn woke up at her normal time.  Keith and I sang her Happy Birthday - PBS Sprout style.   (One of her favorite things every day is to dance to the Sunny Side Up Show singing Happy Birthday to celebrating "Sproutlets").

Birthday breakfast - Pancakes (something easy that I can make a lot of I was making breakfast for 6)  Kaitlyn was put down for nap at normal time.  We were able to keep her really on schedule because we planned her party for 12 to 3.  Her usual awake time ending at 3 - afternoon nap time.  When Kaitlyn woke up from her nap Grandma and Grandpa had arrived.  (My parents who full-time RV arrived around 10, but had last minute errands to run.  I was in full set up mode, so Melissa was enlisted to help Mom and Dad)

Guests arrive, snacks were had.  While I was waiting for my sister-in-law to arrive I made sure to take a picture of Kaitlyn with everyone at the party for Thank-You Cards.

We only had snacks and cake at the party.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake.  My dainty little girl picked at the frosting not really sure what to do.  I cut into the cake to show her it was okay to eat.  She still picked at it, but started to get the idea.

After cake we opened gifts.  Kaitlyn was able to make it through opening all the gifts from the guests, but had enough by the time she got to the gifts from Mommy and Daddy.  If she was going to give up on opening gifts I am glad it was after she opened the gifts from everyone else.  Kaitlyn's favorite gift was by far this riding elephant. However, as the days have gone on her birthday favorite is pretty much a tie between her Tickle Me Elmo and this little pull along puppy.

Kaitlyn had a great time visiting with all of her family and some of her friends.  We are thankful that so many people we care about were able to make it.

Happy Birthday Little One.

I might not be updating how we spent Christmas until July.  Yes, July - Christmas in July (around when I start listening to Christmas music again).

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