Monday, January 10, 2011


God's hand is really moving in our lives right now.  It is the only way to explain exactly how smoothly things are going.  I am now developing two businesses - the original business is still in tack and growing.  The original business has a new sector as well. E-books.  Some of you are already reviewing that.  Those of you who replied to the post earlier about a new product.  I will be contacting you in the next week or so about the review.  I am just making sure all the pieces are in place. 

Oh and I am the mom of a teething one year old!  Husband took care of her most of the weekend.  I am so refreshed.  He really is amazing.  Even when we argue - which did happen at the end of last week.  As I am trying to develop into a respectful wife I will not share the details.  I will say this though I gave it up to God.  Part of what is causing major amounts of stress is our house.  It's a wonderful home, but the things about it we hate we are starting to loath and it comes between us sometimes.  Well hopefully that will end soon we are going to look at house tonight. 

There is a lot to be excited about and my prayer is that we are ready to receive all that God has in store for us.


  1. I am blessed by reading your blog today, I love how you did not just put your business about the disagreement you and your spouse had. You respected your marriage and that is always a blessing. I am also happy to hear how the Lord is blessing in your life and I know He will continue as you delight yourself in Him. God bless you and your home.

  2. Thank you so much. Working on this part of my life. Now I don't think I would have ever really have put it here, but if I want respectfulness in all aspects of my life I need it here too.


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