Friday, February 18, 2011

Explore, Play and Learn Blog Hop

Blog Hop hosted by Touch of Home Learning, The Hickman Four, and Multi-Facet Mom
We love to play! We love to explore! We love to learn! 

Welcome to our first blog hop!  This is going to be a recurring feature on the weekends here at Touch of Home Learning.  Every week will will highlight one of the previous weeks' hoppers.  Our featured blog will be chosen at random.  I will also be highlighting one of our fabulous readers who has reviewed or blogged about the site. 

The DO's and the DO NOT.
  1. You DO NOT have to be an educational site to play along.  
  2. You  DO have to be a family friendly site or you will be removed.
  3. DO be polite and follow the hostesses (Spots 1, 2 and 3) and the highlighted blog (Spots 4) of the week.
  4. DO take the button and help spread the word!  
  5. DO follow as many as you can.  I will follow as many as the weekend allows.  
  6. DO comment so we can follow you back!

Happy Hopping Everyone!
    Touch of Home Learning


    1. following now - i love the concept of the blog hop - similar to our site! thanks for hosting.


    2. New follower of your blog- I love it. So many great ideas! I will post the hop on my blog and would love the follow

    3. I am a new follower. :)

    4. Hi, I am now following you.
      I just found you over at Bloggy Moms but will share about this hop next week. Oh, maybe tonight. I don't know yet. I look forward to checking your blog out some more. I will be adding your button to my sidebar and your blog to my blog roll.


    I love to read your comments! Let us know what you think of what we are posting.


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