Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Kaitlyn,

You are growing into such a smart little girl.  Everyday you are learning new things.  This week you have made some real changes when it comes to how you play.

For your birthday Mommy and Daddy gave you a stroller.  This week you have figured out how to put your baby inside.  You make sure she is REALLY in there by pushing down on her so hard.  You are such a good mommy to your baby.  You even make sure that your baby has a toy to play with, usually a shaker Mommy made you.  You will take your baby for a walk and even walk up to her and give her a kiss.

Today you took each "Little People" piece you have and put them in the bookcase.  Also, today when your blocks fell between your rider and your pony you moved the pony to get the blocks.  Up until today you would have just looked at them.

You even wanted to wear your Elmo costume today.  This same costume scared the day lights out of you for the last 3 months.  We will see if you like to keep it more as a stuffed animal or a costume.

I am so blessed to be able to work at home.  I am thankful I am able to work during naptime.  I am even able to work while you are awake at times.  Especially if you are in a video mood.  You have an amazing Daddy who works very hard to keep our lives this way.

Mommy loves you soooo very much.

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