Thursday, February 10, 2011

A glimpse

When I am getting ready for an event it looks like a tornado has gone through the house.  Today I am finally getting all the flour cleaned up from the kitchen!

So here is a glimpse behind the scenes at Touch of Home Learning.  This week both events were the same theme, "Kitchen Dough" and both locations were making items for Valentine's Day.

I always test the take-home to make sure it works.  
I was testing two varieties of dough - cornmeal dough and oatmeal dough
Decided that we were going to go with oatmeal dough colored with KoolAid.  

Sometimes the children do the measuring, sometimes I do it before hand.
Then it is organized and placed into a container to take to the event. 
 Lessons learned during this event.  Using KoolAid to color dough is not a good idea.  It makes great scented watercolors, but not so great dye for dough.  If one is going to use KoolAid to dye something have it already opened and in individual bags.  4 year old boy got it in his eyes and then looked like he went through a war.  KoolAid dyes hands better than food coloring and is harder to remove.

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