Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess - I am mostly to blame for my dear sweet hubby flubbing up my birthday gift this year.  Remember this post?  Dear Readers - silly wifey did not share information about needing some fiction in my life with my dear sweet hubby.  Dear sweet hubby bought me - a book - Joyce Meyer, one I don't have.  One he thought I would really enjoy.  Dear hubby was blissfully unaware of the fact "I am needing fiction in my life."

I confess -my favorite birthday Facebook message was from my husband.  "Happy happy Birthday to you! Happy happy Birthday to you! You're good to grow, so count your candles and blow! Happy Happy Birthday to you, to you, to you! Happy Birthday! LOL. Hope we have a wonderful day together hon! Love ya!"  (message left while I was out running errands - oh and started out the day in a 'not-so-great' mood. Oh and I rarely get 'love' anything on my FB wall from him!)

I confess - my thoughts on everything I thought I knew went spinning on Monday.  We went to the Creation Museum on Monday.  It's in Petersburg, KY.  It walks you through Genesis.  Is the world 6 million years old or 6 thousand years old?  Did the dinosaurs get wiped out by a huge meteor or was it "The Flood"?  Did Dinosaurs and man roam the Earth at the same time?  It really made me think.  How much easier would life be if all animals were "DOGGIE! DOGGIE! DOGGIE!" Kaitlyn was really good at her first trip to a museum.  (I have no pictures from the day)

I confess - my hardest decision of the last week was which of 10 books I was going to purchase at Half Price Books.  Narrowed it down to 3 - Just over the price of the returned book from Keith.

I confess - the absolutely only reason my kitchen is clean today is because I get an email at 8:55am Jason (landlord's husband) would like to come over this morning to fix the disposal.  I absolutely reply, of course! no problem - thinking in my head, what really?!? I feel like crap and the kitchen looks like a pig sty!

I confess - I got a work email from the "Head Start Account Manager" aka Hubby - so and so needs a return call ... ended with I know you don't feel great, but can you do this?  Of course I can ... and I will ... but man! I really don't want to. 

I confess - I like giving stuff away.  Thursday I gave away things to Facebook Friends.  Today's giveaway - Free Advertising on Touch of Home Learning (left side bar) What do you need to do? Link up with our blog hop and then fill in the linky on the Review Opp page so I know you want ad space.  That's it.   Link up and get 7 days of advertising.  Monday through Monday! Who qualifies? Review/Giveaway sites - yep, you are basically a business, you are a PR firm.  Etsy Shops - yes, you are a business and I know you would love some free advertising.  Any other business - 7 days ... free advertising. 


  1. New follower from Touch of Home Learning!! Love the confession post!

  2. Happy Hopping from Bloggy Moms!

  3. Hi There,

    I am now following and grabbed your button. I love your many hats sentence. A mommy does so many things. I also loved that birthday song your hubby posted for you. Cool!

    Rebecca G.

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower from Expore, Play and Learn hop. I love books too! Right now I'm reading fitness and diet books.

  5. Firstly, I love your vision for this blog. There is so much inspiration out there. I'm your newest follower form the hop.
    Have a great week-end.


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