Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review - Emily Giffin

Back in February I made a list of books that seemed interesting (all fiction) and handed it to my husband.  It was around my birthday and I was craving some fiction.

On this list was 'Something Borrowed' by Emily Giffin.  Well I didn't pick it up until last week.  A movie based on the book had been released and I want to see it, but I wanted to read the book first.  So, I picked up a copy.  Finished it in a week.  When I got to the end I said, "I have to go to half price book tomorrow and pick up 'Something Blue'." 

Well that is just what I did, happened to be a this past Sunday.  I started 'Something Blue' on Sunday and finished it this morning.  I loved how the author finished all the stories.  I did not feel that there was another book that I HAD TO READ! to know what happened to the characters I feel in love with. 

Here is the synopsis of 'Something Borrowed' and 'Something Blue'.  Rachel and Darcy are the best of friends, life long friends.  Both begin their adult lives in New York.  Everything came really easy to Darcy; men, friends, her glamorous PR job - and she felt she deserved it all.  Rachel is the opposite.  She had to work for everything.  She was the good girl who hated her job and had never really been in love.  The story starts in the months leading up to Darcy and Dex's (Rachel's best friend from law school) wedding.  Crazy things happen between the host of characters.  'Something Borrowed' is told from Rachel's point of view.

Then there is 'Something Blue', which is told from Darcy's point of view.  The first 7-8 chapters is Darcy's side of the story from 'Something Borrowed'.  In 'Something Blue' Darcy finds out that she might not have been the best of friends to any of her friends after her life completely falls apart.  She finds that the way she always used to do things doesn't always work. 

Although it seemed that 'Something Blue' was missing something throughout the whole book I really like the way it ended.  I am not even referring to the story itself.  It brings you up to date with all the characters and finishes all the stories in a nice little bow.  I would recommend them both.  Be sure to read them in order!  'Something Borrowed' then 'Something Blue'.

(I purchased both of these books and am not being compensated in anyway for this review.)

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