Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chrismtas Planning in July- Part Two

With all this planning I realized something -- IT'S JULY AND WE HAVE NOT STARTED OUR LETTERS FROM SANTA!  We keep track of all Kait's accomplishments throughout the year, and maybe some bigger "naughty" things, since it is from 'Santa'.  So tonight I sat down and started racking my brain - when did she start doing this, when did that happen, what words does she say, what firsts have happened.  I came up with a pretty solid list.  I read it to my husband and then asked, "Does anything stick out in your mind that I am glaringly forgetting?"  He said, "Well don't forget the fart contests."  How could I forget those?!?  Yes, my 18 month old daughter has fart contests with her Daddy.  Then we started on her vocabulary list - we came up with 50 words that she can say and uses frequently.  We were pretty shocked it was that many.  So that is started and up to date. 

We have our activities nailed down for our Advent Calendar.  And I am pretty settled on how I am going to make it look. I am going to be using hooks and tags.  It's hard to explain my vision, so I will have to just upload a picture when I get it all worked out.  (OH MY IT"S 11PM ALREADY!)  I also have all the quotes and scripture we will be using each day.  I now need to write down the jokes we will be using each day and find the coloring pages.  So our Advent calendar is going to have 5 tags on each hook - Count Down Day, Quote/Scripture, Activity, Joke, Name of Coloring Page.

Remember one of my tips with the advent calendar is to make it unique to your family.  One of our activities is called "Christmas Go Go's Day"  Kait's is going to get to watch her Christmas Wiggles DVD's all day!  She is going to love it.

I have also decided what we are doing for our homemade cards.  I have also made the list of who will be receiving those cards.  (I send out around 60 cards each year and not everyone would appreciate the effort of a homemade card; therefore, only select few will receive those.)

Okay off to bed - pray that I can get to sleep before 2am tonight!

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