Saturday, August 27, 2011

Website Promotion/Marketing

I was working very hard last year at marketing my blog and website.  Summer come around and I totally fall off the wagon in regards to it, mainly because I become so busy.  Well I am about to be hitting it again.  I have taken the last few weeks preparing the website - scheduling posts, working on the resources, posting, scheduling, linking. 

So next week starts our Preview Week - Football and I am looking at ways to promote the site that I either under-utilized last year, or was unaware of.  I feel I under-utilized Bloggy Moms, which is a very user friendly community.  I also belong to The Blog Frog.  Now it might just be me because I have not put the time in to figure it out, but I find it to be difficult to keep up with.  Maybe I need to take more time with The Blog Frog, but it also does not attract me.  Then there is The Blog Catalog.  This seems pretty easy to update, but finding followers seems to be difficult.  This is probably because I have been under-utilizing it as well.  I have decided that I am going to focus on The Blog Catalog and Bloggy Moms when it comes to communities. 

Other promotion and marketing strategies that I will be using are Social Networking Sites - Facebook and Twitter.  At some point I will be adding Linkd In.  I also will be Blog Hopping again, but I need to keep myself on a very strict plan with this, because I have found that I can get very swept up in reading all the great blogs out there and get nothing else done! 

What sort of marketing/promotion have you done for your site/blog?  I would love some input! 

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