Friday, September 2, 2011

Always Thinking

I love that I am able to stay home and run my business.  However, when it keeps me awake because my mind will not shut off, that I do not love.  So it is time to share my thoughts with my dear readers.

  1. Blog hopping is a great way to increase your followers; however, it's a lot of work.  - I have found that if I want people to come to my blog and site I have to do two things.  Get it out there and share fun and interesting things!

    For example - This week was our Preview Week at Touch of Home Learning.  It's our football edition.  I am preparing for housewarming/football kickoff party and I gave you tons of ways to use football with your kiddos! - crafts out of the recycling bin (some of my favorites), free file folder game to work on math skills, not to mention noise makers, bull horns and sensory pom poms!  So go check it out!  I know your interest is peaked.  (
  2. I used to host a blog hop on the site.  I only did it for a month or so because I started it at a pretty bad time in our personal lives.  It was great while I did it.  So I am thinking about doing it again.  Differently this time though.  How you ask?  Read on  ...

    This particular blog hop is going to be for us WAHM's who have small businesses that want more traffic, want more customers, want more advertising, and want our name out there more.  Will there be rules with the hop?  Not sure, maybe just one.  Link to your business site, not to another linky post.  When I click on your link I want to go to your businesses home page.  I will have a button available for you to share if you would like, but it will not be required.  This will be coming soon.  I have a few things I want to get up on my site before I launch into this. 
  3. There are going to be new additions to the Touch of Home Learning Site. Mostly that of the resources section.  You will be able to access our Free Printables without having to search for them.  There is going to be a link right at the top of the page.  We also are adding coloring pages, worksheets, and many more games.  Right now I have a slew of Spring Games - Bingo and a variety of memory type games that will be being posted.  However, it's not Spring.  So I will also be making several Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas games.  My goal is to have these all created by the end of next week and up ready for all the fun the last 4 months of the year bring.  
I enjoyed sharing this with you.  Need to write this stuff into the To-Do book so it is all there for me to see at all times - until it is highlighted off.  And there is yelling coming from the monitor, so I guess it's that time of the day.  Mama Come Year!

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