Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So it is decided ...

I have decided I like it much better when I can get up/showered/dressed and downstairs by 8:00am.  I was able to do it again today and I think it is hubby's fault.  He asked me if I wanted to keep the car Friday because of softball.  (I didn't have an easy night last night, I am afraid my boy does not like to sleep!) I was irritated at first, just because I am rolling over does not mean that it's okay to ask me silly questions.  My response was, "Umm babe it's Wednesday, we can decided that later."  But that silly question woke me up enough to fall back asleep for only 45 minutes.  I then decided I was just going to get up.  It's rather helpful.  I get a few minutes (20ish today) of Mommy Free Time and I can feel like I have a good start to my day.  I may even start - augh - setting the alarm clock. 

Update from yesterday's productivity.  Yeah, yesterday got all shot in the foot around 12:30pm.  Put PB down for nap, something she was none to happy about.  Landscapers were here to do the grass at our community.  Great! Dog barking. She finally falls asleep around time for school to be dropping kids off.  Great! more dog barking! Needless to say nap time did not go well.  During this same time (12:30 to 2) I found that my crisis from the other night was far from adverted.  Of the 35 files that were recovered 25 of those files were blank!  So I spent a good hour writing down the names of the blank files, and looking to see if I somewhere had other copies of the files.  Blessing! I found all except 5 of them.  Bigger blessing is that only one of the missing files is a Bingo Game (that will take a lot of work to recreate).  It could have been all 5 of them.  So I gave up yesterday, especially when someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed from nap. 

When Keith got home, he asked how the day was - then looked at the living room and said, "That good huh?"  Got to love it when he is so observant!  Bright points of the night - The Salisbury Steak recipe I made was quite DELISH!  I found a recipe that did not use egg to hold the meat together, I have egg/ground meat issues.  So I was super pumped.  I even cooked them with dirt, I mean mushrooms, which Keith loved.  The eggplant (something I have been wanting to try) not so much.  So of the 5 new recipes I have tried over the last 2 weeks - 2 winners, 2 losers, and 1 that still needs doctoring before it can make it to a W/L column.


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