Saturday, September 10, 2011

And it all starts - Happy Fall

The last four months of the year are always so busy for us.  And it has already started.  Keith and I keep having the same conversation about Christmas shopping.  He wants to get it all done in one day (November 25th) I would like to spread it out over some time (It really helps with my 'I NEED to shop' moods I get in).  Not to mention on November 25th we will have a 2 week old!  Yeah, not doing it.  Nor am I taking him and Kaitlyn out either.  If I was okay with gift cards as gifts I would just send him out on his own.  :)

Any way so all of these fun festivities have started already.  Well they are really getting underway this weekend.  Last week was my dad and brother-in-law's birthdays, so this weekend we are celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday.  When my parents are in town next week we will be celebrating dad's.  But since we can never get away with not bringing anything to a party (even though we always buy all the food for any party at our house with my in-laws - another post for another time) I have to bring 'marshmallow fruit salad' (that my brother-in-law 'loves' - really you hardly ever eat any of it, but anyway) and chips.  I was supposed to also bring something vegetable based, but the vegetarian is now not coming so I am off the hook on that one.  Then I find out what my mother-in-law is bring and I need to bring a different side as well or I will have nothing to eat except fruit salad and chips.

Then I have the bright idea to have our friends over for kick off weekend - umm it's FOOTBALL SEASON! and of course we have to start it off right! Okay, we have never had a Football Kickoff party, but our friends have been begging to come to our new place and I have just been too lazy to get around to having them all over.  So that is also this weekend!  Whenever we have a party with friends the host provides the meat/main dish and everyone brings a dish to pass.  It works out so well and we don't have to foot a huge bill.  Happy Mama!  However I do have to do all the little details that make it a party of mine (which none of my friends who will be at this party have been too).  So I made our cups into jersey's and I made a centerpiece.

Last night while doing the shopping (I was sore from the day - I am 7 and 1/2 months preggers) Keith says that "None of our friends would do this 7 plus months pregnant."  Meaning go through all this work to throw a party.  My question was what extra work am I doing?  He listed a bunch of stuff that was supposedly taxing - getting the house clean and in order (which I stay on top of regardless of having people over) organizing of closets (events are done for the summer so this had to be done - just so happened I picked this week to do it -- and Christmas gifts need places to hide.)  hanging of curtains (needs to be done before October since we have a birthday party in our home that month - so just get it done now) but in his mind I am doing all of this now because of the party Sunday.  It happens to just be coincidence that it is all taking place at the same time.  Please do not take this as I am gripping on my husband, because I am not in the slightest.  I love the fact that he cares enough about me to say to me "do you realize what you are doing?" 

So anyway it all starts this weekend - 2 parties! Next weekend our anniversary, then a weekend off, then hubby's birthday, then we do have 3 weekends off, but we have fall festivities we have to fit in there like visiting pumpkin farms and going on hay rides, and an extended family birthday if they are going to have a party for him (that one is in October).  Then sisters birthdays (2 days apart), have a baby, then Thanksgiving, Kaitlyn's birthday(12/18), my side Christmas, Nephew's birthday (12/23), Brother's birthday(12/24), Christmas, and Father-in-law's birthday.  Not to mention the Christmas parties that will be in there.  To think we have to fit shopping for 12 people for Christmas in there and shopping for 8 birthdays (well only 6 more since 2 people are done)!

Happy Fall - I love this time of the year!  The expense of it an all.  I would not change it for the world. 

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