Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 weeks - 35 days - 840 hours

5 weeks - 35 days - 840 hours

We will be blessed with a little boy.  Alexander Michael will be joining our crew. 

So what does mommy still need to do over the next 35 days?  A whole lot!  I have yet to start his blanket, mostly because the funds have not been there to buy the fleece.  I need to pick him up a set of drawers for socks, bibs, hats and the like.  Speaking of hats, bibs, and blankets, I need to buy him some of those.  We are good on clothes even though I am supposed to go to my girlfriends house and go through Sawyer's stuff.  We have some diapers and some formula - I am still undecided if I am going to try and breastfeed, it didn't work so well with Kaitlyn.  We have the bassinet and a bouncy seat.  We need to make him a list of things we would like people to get him for Christmas, but otherwise I think we are pretty good.  Oh and I need to rearrange their room a little so everything fits right.  The crib is full of toys we are donating/selling as of right now.

That's just the stuff we need to do for him.  Saturday we are going to KY to go to a pumpkin farm with our little pumpkin and my parents.  We have 3 birthday's this month, two of which we still need to shop for.  One is on a Tuesday evening! for a kid ... weird right.  Not unexpected from them though.   Oh and my husband said he wants to get the Christmas stuff up before the baby gets here.  He says I will not feel like doing it after the, and by the time I do it will be 2 weeks before Christmas.  I don't know which shocked me more.  The fact he wants it up before November 9th or he thinks I won't want to do it.  Does this man not know me at all? 

These 35 days are going to fly by.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you also know that I am a work at home mom.  I own a preschool educational entertainment business.  This holiday season we are offering Personalized Letters from Santa.  For more information click the link at the top of the screen.  Orders can be placed now!  We are also working on launching a new product over at Touch of Home Learning.  Magnetic Learning Kits.  More details to come soon about those.  We will also be opening an Etsy shop when they go live. 

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