Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Confessions


I confess:
I don't feel like I have been a great blogger lately.  I haven't been on top of posting often.  I have not been hoping like I have in the past.  I am hoping to change this before the baby gets here.
I confess:
I have been counting down the birth of our second child for at least 5 weeks. 19 days to go. (Delivery on Nov. 9th)
I confess:
I don't like being pregnant and this will be our last child, much to the dismay of certain family members. 
I confess:
on a fun note, I have started writing for Yahoo! Contributor Network.  I have been doing it for less than 2 weeks and have already made a little money, so I know it works.  Now to just keep building it up. 
I confess:
I have already started planning for Christmas and am itching to buy our tree (we had to get rid of our from last year because it is way to big for our new home).  
I confess:
I slept through the whole night last night and feel like I am in still in need of a nap.  Guess a week of being awake from 3 am to 4:30 am has wiped me out.

I am also linked with Blog Hop til you Drop and Friendly Friday.

Have a Fantastic Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. oh my, i'm so excited to hear about the birth of your second child!

    i found your site form xenia's and am now following you.
    hope you get a chance to drop by my blog as well.

    have a great fall weekend!

    i love your blog and writing.

  2. I started Christmas shopping in August, so it's not too early! And congrats on the impending birth. We had number two in March and it's been the most butt-kicking and amazing time since. Stop by my blog and say hi! I'm following now. :)

  3. Stopping by from Friday Confessional...I feel the same way about blogging lately. Best of luck with the end of your pregnancy!

  4. great confessions...i have had times when i just don't feel like blogging. good luck with your baby how exciting.

    thanks for linking up your confessions!


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