Friday, October 21, 2011

Kaitlyn's Korner

I used to post this sort of thing much more often than I do, but I am going to add a Kaitlyn's Korner today.

Over the weekend Kaitlyn had a rough night. She kept getting woke up because of our neighbors having a birthday party. We didn't complain because we never hear these neighbors. One night they have a party and get a little rambunctious, we can handle it. It was a Saturday even. First we brought her in bed with us. Knowing this would not work, we are very blessed that Kaitlyn will not sleep in our bed. We watched some of her favorite tv shows and finally just turned everything off and made the room dark. Eventually she fell asleep, for an hour or so. We put her in bed and she fell asleep again for an hour or so. This went on and on all night long. Finally at 5am we gave up. We got up ate breakfast and started our day.

The very next night their was another incident. This time I think it was more just hearing our neighbors TV around 11pm. I picked her up and started rocking her. She fell asleep in my arms and would not stay asleep unless she was in my arms. I finally had to put her down and just let her cry it out for a few minutes. Before I did though, I counted my blessings. I thanked God for this wonderful little girl He has entrusted us with.

She has reminded us of so many things.

1. How to take pleasure in the simple, simple things in life.
2. It's important to take time to play.
3. Patience is something you have to work on every day.
4. She is watching much more than we are aware of. (She correctly put deodorant on the other day - under her arms, and then said Dada so I guess she has seen Daddy do this one too many times.)
5. It's easy to get frustrated with life. You have to just have to ask for help.

In 19 days her little brother will be joining our happy family. We are very excited, and I am sure that there will be an adjustment period for all of us. Thanks for being our little girl Kaitlyn Alexis. Mommy, Daddy and Perdy (Kirby) love you very much.

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