Monday, December 12, 2011

Impending Doom

Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but there are changes a foot here at the Hickman house and it is making this Mama uneasy.

Hickman #1 (daddy) took a new job. For a few months our already tight budget is going to be even tighter.  This just means that Mommy is going to have to clamp down on things like meal planning and couponing.  I even took my meal planning a step further than usual.

Hickman #4 (brother) is getting his days and nights straightened out. Yeah! Being up from 3am to 5am is ending.  Hopefully sooner than later.  We have been inadvertently doing the whole "If a baby is asleep let him sleep."  This has been meaning Mommy and Brother have been up too much over night.  Brother is unaware, but he will be kept up more during the day.  He also will be starting to get more on a schedule.

Hickman #3 (sister) has her angel days and her 2 year old days. This is of course an expected change seeing she will be 2 on Sunday.  Her sassiness is so cute sometimes though.  Tonight for example, I told her, "Hey goof, it's time to start picking up your toys." She looks at me, crosses her arms in front of her chest and says, "I KNOW!"  It was cute, but it has been a high-maintenance afternoon, so Mommy is ready for it to be bedtime.  Daddy told her, "Well, if you know get on it, put your toys away."

Hickman #2 (me) feels like everything is in major upheaval, and it basically is.  Thankfully Sister is taking to Brother really well.  She has only had a few meltdowns since we have had him.  When he starts crying her motherly instincts really start to kick in.  The real adjust is going to start tomorrow - Daddy starts his new job and it will be just me with the kids - Yikes, for the first 30 days there has been someone here with me.  I will survive, the kids will survive.  I am not alone - God is here with me.

Everything considered - I still love my life.  

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