Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It is Hunt for Happiness Week (according to my planner).  So today's TOP TEN is all about happiness.

Ten things that make me happy.
  1. Keith, Husband as he is referred to most often in online settings.  He can make me laugh like no other.  Even when I am irritated this guy can make me smile.  I can never stay mad at him for long.  He was a great catch.  Thank you God for this guy.

    Keith and Kaitlyn while out shopping at Christmas time.

  2. Kaitlyn, PB or LO depending on where you might be reading something about us.  She might be a handful sometimes but daily she makes me smile.  It can either be the way she smiles so big her whole little body shakes, or the way you walk up and ask for a hug.  Kaitlyn you are a joy to have as my daughter.  Thank you God for my little girl.  - Who is growing up way to fast.
  3. Alex, aka LM.  Oh my sweet baby boy.  You might spit up on me daily. You might have yourself on this schedule where you have to be awake when your sister is napping so mommy gets no breaks.  However, when you look up at me with that grin that fills your face I can't help but forget about all those things.

  4. Going to church.  This might seem weird to some people, but you don't go to our church.  I will be posting about this week's message yet this week.  It was pretty moving.  And it was from our senior pastor (usually the dull one).  Going to church keeps my heart full.  Even though we are late every week, I miss most of worship and Kaitlyn has a meltdown being dropped off at Discovery Zone.  My goal is to get out of house 15 minutes earlier this week so we can actually make it to the whole thing.
  5. The warmth of a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  There is something about that warm liquid washing over my mouth and down my throat.  (This is making me want a second cup today.)
  6. Naptime - Even though most days I still have one child who is awake.  Putting my oldest down for a nap makes me happy.  I am not a bad mother for enjoying this time either.  She needs the rest, I need the break.  We are both better when she gets good naps.  Enjoying naptime actually makes me a better mom.
  7. Facebook/Twitter and Social Networks - Blogging would fall into here as well.  This all makes me happy.  It sometimes is my only connection with other adults throughout the week.  It keeps me in touch with my family.  I love tweeting with my sister about our not so secret love for Tim Tebow, David Cook and all things Backstreet Boys.  Just last night she sent me a message "Who would just throw away this piece of cinematic excellence?" included was a picture of Jerry MacQuire in a snow bank.  My response, "Now I am the only person in the world with a copy of that on VHS."  That brought a laugh to our house.  Without Twitter and Facebook such laughs would not happen and just be passing thoughts.
  8. 6:45pm - Yes, this specific time is probably one of the happiest of my day (Monday through Friday). It is a happy time for two reasons.  One Daddy gets home from work.  Two, my husband is home! Most days I am dealing with 'Meltdown Hours' from 4 to 6, so yes seeing Daddy makes our house happier.
  9. Smart Phone - Yes, my phone makes me happy.  I always questioned parents that let their children use their iPhones and iPads.  Well, I became one of those moms.  I downloaded some apps for Kaitlyn on my phone.  It started when she could not play "Dress Chica" on the computer.  I downloaded the app for it.  Then I got so tired of the one DVD of Yo Gabba Gabba, so I downloaded the song app so she can watch other songs (and I don't have to hunt for them on You Tube).  So, my phone entertains my child.  It also makes me happy because I can work when I am not at home.  I have access to everything I need and I can do it anywhere.  The park, the mall, waiting for Daddy to get out of work.  My phone brings happiness.
  10. My job - Keith has given me the opportunity to start my own business.  Yes, it causes me stress.  Yes, it is one of the hardest things I do.  It is all worth it when I am in front of the kids and they are having so much fun.  You can check out our business at Touch of Home Learning.
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