Thursday, January 5, 2012


This post has been developing for about 4 to 5 days now.

I have realized something about myself.  I have been using the excuse, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I am just going to break them, to just not set goals for the year.  I think that maybe my whole mental block is around the word ‘resolution’.  I don’t know what the real problem is, but I do know that I have problems setting goals and keeping them.  I think it is because I never really set realistic goals.  So, this year I am going to try again.

1.  I will get in shape this year.  - Isn’t that the most stereotypical goal?  Both times I really decided to make this happen in the last 3 years I got pregnant right after making this decision.  So needless to say I have not gotten in shape the way I have wanted to.  I am lucky though.  I am not a woman that gains tons of weight when I am pregnant.  In fact, from start of pregnancy one March 2009 until now January 2012 I have lost 30 pounds.  Great accomplishment! And I gained two kids.

So, I want to lose 40 more pounds by December 31st, 2012.  Like I said, I need little goals along the way and things to keep me on track.  Daily I am going to drink ½ gallon of water and drink at least 1 protein shake.   This is in addition to working out and eating better.

To think this is something that the whole family will benefit from.

Like most people I set this goal and it didn’t happen the way I wanted.  This was actually something I decided to start in 2010.  Well, February 2011 happened and we found out what happened in February in April.  Well, that set back the getting in shape plans.  So this year I do have that goal.

2.  I will regain my style this year.  - I found that I have become the girl that wears nothing but jeans and tee-shirts.  I mentioned something to Hubs about it and he said (jokingly) I have been that girl for awhile.  The sad thing is although he was joking it’s true.  If I am going to regain a sense of style I need to assess my lifestyle and rid my closet of things that no longer work.  This will be hardest when I look at my shoe collection.

3.  This year I will focus on the online aspect of my business.  - To keep that on track it will definitely take small steps along the way.  The blog planner I found will definitely help with that.  I also found a great article about creating a yearly business plan.  It’s all about creating goals, strategies to achieve the goals, and ways to measure the success.  Things to be coming - E-newsletter with subscriber only content, exclusive Member’s only content and a Mom Business Blog Hop.

4.  I want to strengthen my relationship with God.

5.  I want to read 20 books/e-books.

2011 was a great year.  We were blessed to add to our family.  2012 is also going to be a great year.  God willing we will be giving our realtor a great Christmas gift of buying a house in March 2013.

What are your goals for the year?

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