Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Friday was "Organize your Home Office" Day which lead right into National Cleaning Week.  I have realized that my home office has started to explode throughout most of our townhouse.  We picked this community and this townhouse because it had a wonderful nook in the kitchen perfect for office space.  It is right in front of our laundry area so I thought it was going to be great.  I was going to be able to work while my children were playing because I could see the living room.

For awhile it worked really well.  I had it nicely set up with a work are for Hickman #3 next to me.  Well, when Hickman #4 come along I found myself working on the couch ALOT.  I didn't want the baby to be that far away, Hickman #3 was not letting me get as much done as I wanted to when I was trying to work from my nook office.  Then, my husband left working for TWC and we dropped down to non-wireless internet.  There was no way I was going to run cords literally across my entire house.  So now there is an office area in the kitchen still even though it looks more like a laundry pile right now.  There is a new office area in our dining/living room.  I am very careful to keep this clean and organized since everyone who comes to our house will see it.

Then there is ... the closet!  For part of my business I need a lot of supplies, so it is stored in a walk-in closet in our hallway.  I went in there today for something I needed and I realized something ...

If I am going to be able to get to any of this stuff this summer I am going to have clean this closet.  I will be brave and show you a picture of it.  It's horrible.

This is my "Monica Closet"
 Everything is thrown in here and it should be kept under lock and key!

So this is a goal of mine this week, to get this closet clean and organized.  I am going to be getting rid of stuff that I do not need as well.  This is something that I do once a year and this week seems like a great week to do it.

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