Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mailbox Clarity

Sometimes it takes getting something in the mail to realize what God has been trying to tell you.  To think this has been building up for a while too.  I have just been too caught up in everything going on to realize it.

I have been wanting to build up this blog and Touch of Home Learning for awhile.  I signed up for several sites that are supposed to help you make money on your blogs and I was just not seeing any results.  I didn't really know what I wanted to do, all I knew is that I don't want The Hickman Five to turn into just another giveaway site.  I really didn't want Touch of Home Learning to go that way either.

Many things were up in the air since December.  Keith went through three job changes.  We went 29 days without any income at all.  Thank God for our family helping us along the way.  Thank God for a marketing strategy that brought us into a car lot and got us $500 to spend at a local grocery store.  Thank God for it being tax season.  God provided for us.  God tested our faith and trust in Him along the way.  He came through on March 30, when all of our bills were due on March 31st.

We spent most of March marketing the In-School Field Trips of Touch of Home Learning and God must have different plans for us.

I was so caught up in all of this that I didn't even realize what was happening.  One of the sites I signed up for was Parents Magazine Beauty Tester.  Now I am not supposed to blog about the products I tested because they are not out for the general public yet.  However, I now have a year of shower/bath gels!  Then I started receiving tasks from Social Spark and Blogvertise.  I received a message from an author I am friends with asking me to sign up to be a book reviewer through one of the sites she sells her book through.  In exchange for my honest review I get a free copy of a book.  I am able to read and review the book one at a time.  Free books - I am down with that!  Finally, I also received an email from a company asking me to review their software and run a giveaway. 

All of this is happening while I am praying ... God, what do you want me doing?  God, what am I supposed to be doing with Touch of Home Learning?  God, please give me a clue.

Well it hit me today - I am supposed to develop my blogs ... The Hickman Five - Blogging for the Everyday Mom ... Touch of Home Learning - Preschool Education with Everyday Items.  It hit me when the mail came today and the book I am to be reviewing showed up.

So this is what is coming up here at The Hickman Five --- Review and Giveaway for My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software. 

And a review of "Opening the Gates of Heaven" by Perry Stone.

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