Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Terrible" Two's Tuesday

Oh she has been showing us this week that she is 2.  Saturday and Sunday they both got so off schedule I think that is what is really playing a factor here yesterday and today.  However, they are both sleeping at the same time and that is always a good day for Mommy.

One of the things that will cause a 2 year old meltdown almost every single time ... having to leave some place where they are having TONS OF FUN!

This is what happened on Saturday.

Keith and I decided that we were going to do something different and take Kaitlyn to the local children's museum.  She had so much fun.  They had a huge ball area, sand table, and water table.  They even have an infant area, so Alex did get to play some too. 

We gave her a warning that we were going to leave when we were done playing in the grocery store.  When we were done we told her again it was time to leave.  She was fine until we actually walked out of the museum.  We explained to her that we understand that she was having fun, but we had to go home because it was lunch time.  We let her be sad and told her that we would come back another time.

She has seen the pictures we took at the museum and asked to go play.  I told her that we could not go and she started to meltdown.  I explained that we can only go there when Daddy can go with us.  She was still pretty upset that we could not go.  I told her that it is okay to be sad that she is not getting to do what she wants to do, but if she wants to cry about it she had to sit on the couch until she was done crying.  She went and sat on the couch for maybe two minutes and asked to get down.  I said, you can get down if you are done crying.  She got down and went about playing.

I am glad that she had fun and it was well worth the $20 we spent.  We might even consider getting a year membership she liked it so much.

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