Monday, April 2, 2012

Not Coming When You Are Called

Yesterday I wake up Kaitlyn and tell her we have to get dressed because we are going to church.  She always gets so excited and yells ... "CHURCH DAY!"  I wish I could bottle that excitement about church and give it to everyone.  As we are getting dressed I ask her, "Do you want to be a monkey today or a tiger?"  Yesterday I didn't need to ask her.  "Monkey Day Mama, play cars."  We get ready for church and get out the door on time.  

Typically, we sign Kaitlyn in, she puts her number sticker on my leg and turns around so I can put her name on her back.  She sees Mr Joe and starts to cry.  But she pulls it together enough to tell Mr. Joe that she wants to be a Monkey or a Tiger.  She gets the appropriate stamp on her hand, while melting down I hand her off to the teacher.  Daddy has stopped going to DiscoveryLand because he cannot handle the meltdown.  

Yesterday it was a completely different story.  We do the stickers, she sees Mr. Joe, "Monkey Please!"  He gets the monkey stamp, "NO MONKEY!"  We let her see that yes it is a monkey and he stamps her hand.  I take her to the room and give her to the teacher.  The teacher sets her down, Kaitlyn looks back at me and says, "Bye Mommy, see you dader."  Not one tear in the entire process!  

We attend our celebration, pick Kaitlyn up from DiscoveryLand and go outside to play.  Kailtyn decides that is when she is going to show she is a 2 year old and not listen to Daddy when it is time to leave.  Daddy picks her up and carries her to the car while she is just sobbing.  The greeter says, "Oh honey that is how I feel leaving church every week too.  I don't want to go."  Keith says, "The lessons of not coming when you are called." to the greeters.  I am a few steps behind and I hear them laugh.  

After we get loaded in the car I say to Keith, "The lessons of not coming when you are called.  That could be taken two ways.  You meant it as Kaitlyn not listening to us.  They (the greeters) probably took that as not listening to Jesus when He calls you and the lessons that come from that."  

Keith then realized what he said and started laughing too.  

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