Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newest Favorite Thing

Okay so insight to Sara - I love to blog hop, but I hate it when other bloggers link their giveaways.  Reason: I want to read a post and comment without entering your giveaway.  So there are times I might have visited your blog and I don't comment, because I won't comment on giveaways I am not entering.  That is just me.  

So, hence the reason for this post.  

I have fallen in love with a product I was able to review.  MyMemories Suite Digital Scrapbook Software.  It is amazing!  I was a Picasa/Picnik girl.  Not any longer.  I can create everything I was before and do it better now.  Look at what I have done with this!  

Terrible Twosday - Okay, so I don't know the real name for what I made, but I call it a Blog Post Button.  It's like the buttons we create for people to "Grab a Button" but I use it in the post.  When this becomes a Carnival, then it will have code for you to take it, share and link up.  

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday - You cannot do all that with Picasa/Picnic.  And if you can, I never figured it out.  As the post says, a tutorial is coming on how to use this software to make that collage.

Not to mention the current header, connect with me buttons, and ad spacers.

Here is the review of the software and the giveaway.  There is more that I have done with it on that post as well.  

Now this post I was not compensated for in any way.  I was given the software to review (Monday's Post), but I love it, think everyone needs to have this if you do anything with pictures, and wanted to give you a place to comment without having to comment on a giveaway.  Your Welcome.  :)  


  1. Stopping by to follow and say hi and to check out your great blog. Thanks for the invite. Donna

  2. Not entering ( i am not eligible) but it is great software. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun. xo


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