Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stress Reducer

This is something that I have known about myself since college, maybe before, coloring with crayons is such a stress reducer.  It takes me right back to a time when life was not stressful.  When there were not 10,000 things that needed to get done in the amount of time it takes to do 5.  So when Kaitlyn pulled out every child's favorite toy.  I joined right in.

She pulled out the crayons and I started coloring right there with her.  She decided she was going to glue flowers over the top of her art work, but I took a picture of mine to share with you.

It started out just filling the space with color, it turned into adding a flower because of questions of "Mommy what drawing?"

After writing this post I am thinking coloring book action will be required today.  Oh, or maybe some pencil and paper work - draw up some coloring pages.  Hmmm... after blog posts.

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