Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terrible Twosday: Independence

Independence might be my most hated part of "Terrible Two's".  Not for the reasons some think. 

I am fine with independence when:
  • She wants to wear a dress when it's really a pants day.  That's what leggings are for.
  • She wants to stay in jammies all day - hey we are not going anywhere, that's fine.
  • She wants to get herself dressed - she will ask for help when she gets frustrated.
  • "Mine do" is not a statement that makes me sad or cringe.  
I am okay with her slowly growing up.  Yes, there are times that the "she's growing up so fast" hits me and makes me long for the times when she was completely dependent on me.  I like it that she wants to do things for herself and wants to try things.

She's two so she will test the rules.  Testing the rules is part of gaining independence.  There are times the natural consequence is enough of a teacher.

One of the rules is that you do not throw your toys.  This typically will get a warning and then a timeout.  However, today not so much. 

After lunch it is story time.  When stories are over it is naptime.  Well, after 3 warnings to sit down and listen I gave up on the story and said ...

"Grab the doll you are sleeping with and your blankie.  It's naptime."  

She gets her Disney Princess Baby Belle comes over to me and throws it at me to take it upstairs for her.  Bam! That doll hits her poor little brother right in the head.  


Alex starts screaming.  This in turn makes Kaitlyn start crying.  
I get everyone basically calmed down ...

"Mommy, Alex sad." 
"Why is Alex sad?" 
Between tears she gets out "I throwed her.  Her hit Alex."   
"Is that a good or bad thing to do?" 
"Bad.  Sorry Alex."  

Natural consequences are sometimes the best teacher -- just like you don't stand on balls.  (Yep, that is what we learned on Saturday.

Oh independence we have a love/hate relationship now.

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