Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time to Share The Love

Being a mom might be one of the most thankless jobs women have.  You work very hard to keep a clean home just for your little hurricane to run through and pull all their toys onto the floor.  You make sure you have the healthiest meal possible for them when it is time to eat or snack and it is not what they want to eat.  After you feed your little bundle of joy they spit up all over your or hug you with jelly covered hands.

You might be a mom that never gets a break, because you are doing it alone.  You might be a mom who outwardly has it all together, but inside it takes everything to not fall apart.  Working or staying home, bottle-feeding or breast-feeding, whatever kind of mom you are, regardless of what is going on in your corner of the world you need to know.

Here is my goal - to encourage moms by sharing love, be encouraging and uplifting.  We all have days where we just need to hear, "Hey you with the spit up covering your sleeve - You are doing a great job!" 

1. We want to be encouraging, connect with you and be uplifting.  We all struggle with things.  IF you want other moms to lift you up in prayer, let us know.

2. Share the love in return by providing a link back to their blog.

3. Share the love with 5-10 other Mommy Bloggers.

Encouragement:  Ah yes, the moment of transparency.  We are debating and going back and forth about having another baby (yes I know Alex is only 6 months old).  In fact I thought I was, I freaked out - then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tests were all negative and then I was disappointed, but only a little.   Also - I am seeking ways to keep the calm around this house from 4 to 5:30, Keith deserves to come home from his rather stressful job to a calm house, not a chaotic house.  So I am working on that and stress relievers that can calm me quickly.

Now to share the love!  Here are some Fan-tab-u-lous Mommy Bloggers
1 Mommy 2 Monsters
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.:Mommy Doodles:.

** I think all of the moms I follow are great moms, and if you haven't made the list it's because I started at the top of my reader and stopped at A's - next installment the A's.  I will get to you, I promise. **

Participation is not mandatory.


  1. Thank you, not just for listing my site (thanks for that too) but thank you for this post in general. It was very thoughful of you. ANd you know, I love the little tidbit about your husband coming home. I really need to work on that, because we are a pretty loud and rambunctious group and when Daddy comes home, he does get a little overwhelmed and he ends up having to calm everyone. Thats really not fair for him now is it. Not that he shouldn't help a little, but I get what your saying. NAd the HPT -'s I get that to. Isn't it crazy even if we didn't think we didn't want another one just yet, if that little test says negative, well we are disappointed :-) Thank you again for a great post!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Sara. I know those two sweet angels will let you sleep in, they'll feed themselves, get dressed and be on their best behavior all day long. Oh wait...was I dreaming just then?!? Have a great one. Thanks for the kind words to all the moms!

  3. I hope your Mothers Day was as sweet as you are! xo P.S. Have you entered the new giveaway yet?


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