Friday, June 22, 2012

Feed Me Friday - Skinny Edition: Protein Cookies

Recently you may have read that we are on a weight loss adventure in our household.  We are eating healthier.  This means that we are eating more protein, vegetables, fruits and drinking more water.  We are eating less junk, simple carbs and carbonated beverages.  

Well, when you eat cookies and sweets for 30+ years.  It is darn hard to cut those babies out cold turkey.  We have tried numerous times and failed miserably each time.  

So this pin is floating around Pintrest. 

Cookie Dough Cookies from Disney Family Fun 
So, I go and look at the recipe.  Being the daughter of a chef, I don't necessarily follow recipes well.  I like to improvise and make them my own.  I am not afraid of the "what if it doesn't turn out" like I used to be.  My thought now is if it turns out horrible from my doctoring I can do two things 1. follow the recipe next time or 2. realize that I was not meant to put that into my body in the first place.  (I tend to lean more toward the latter.)

Anyway, I digress. 

These cookies seemed simple enough, I had most of the ingredients and I could doctor where I was missing things like ... oh chocolate chips.  HAHA, no not important for chocolate chip cookie dough HAHA

This is what I turned out.

So nothing like what you see in the Pintrest picture.  That is because these cookies are pinspired.  So I halved the basic recipe from the Pinspired cookies.  I added chocolate protein powder and used half regular flour and half oat flour (old fashioned oatmeal ground into flour using the magic bullet.)

I mixed up a glaze with protein powder, powdered sugar and milk.  And covered them with ground almonds.  

Well, I tasted them and hated them.  I tried baking them for 12 minutes at 350.  I didn't think it helped all that much, but Keith loved them!

Let me know if you want the exact recipe for what I did.  I can send it to you.

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