Friday, June 22, 2012

Feed Me Friday - Skinny Edition: Banana "Ice Cream"

More Pinspired Eats!

Okay so I saw this and glanced at it, but didn't go to the site before I attempted this.  The caption of the pin read "Frozen Bananas = I SCREAM"  So I throw some bananas in the freezer and attempt to make "Ice cream" with them.

It was really good - throw some ready whip on there with some fresh strawberries and a little chocolate sauce an excellent alternative to ice cream.

WELL - in getting ready to give credit where credit is due for this post (I just like to link to the actual sites not my pins) I find out that you can add 2 tablespoons of vanilla to it to give it a vanilla taste.  She also gives tips on how better to puree up the frozen bananas.  Tips like chop them up before you freeze them and use over ripe bananas.

Husband tested and approved.

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