Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendship Friday Confessions

Fourth of July .... What will we be doing? 

I have no idea!  However, I am not going to let stress take me over.  No plans have been made as of today - the Friday before, I know that my bro-lo and his family will be going to fireworks (a tradition we are not starting yet) so plans will probably not happen.  It is supposed to be UBER hot, therefore others in will not want to be outside.  

Therefore, I will be planning 
Fabulous Fourth Festivities 
for the four of us!  

I confess ... I am excited, next week my husband works 2 days is off a day works 2 more and then off 2 more! Oh this is going to be a great week!

I confess ... Keith asked me to create a cake that looks like a flag when you cut it.  I will do my best.  We are all about creating memories for our babies.

I confess ... pinterest is helping me get some great ideas!  Food, decorations and activities!

I confess ... I used to love the Fourth of July - before I moved to Ohio.  

It could be that if it was the Fourth of July that meant there was a HUGE firework display the night before on the lake front!  Sure most years we would watch it on TV, but it was still happening.  The next night we would go and watch the fireworks in our local community.  We got to play with sparklers while we waited.  During the firework display we covered my sister's head with a blanket while she covered her ears.  Some years we would make the trip to East Troy and hang out with my dad's life long friend.  Oh and it was in the middle of SUMMER FEST!

I confess ... Cincinnati does not have the amazing summer festivals that Milwaukee does.  I think that is the one of the only things I miss from Milwaukee.  But it is exciting that now to enjoy those festivals we make vacation plans.  

So this is what we will be doing on Wednesday - loving on each other and spending a great day with Daddy being home in the middle of the week.  Creating memories that will last a life time in photos!

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  1. I wouldn't even know where to start with that cake idea, but I love when it's the guy's idea to do fun ideas like that.

    Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love pinterest it is a great way to find new ideas.


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