Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Must They ...

Why must they ... 

Pick the most opportune times to puke on you! 

Last week I was serving at our Summer of Service.  The kids get to be loved on and play with a bunch of other kids while I serve the older children (middle and high school) making some items for the homeless.  After our morning of service we get home at naptime.  Instead of getting all settled downstairs we are going to walk in and go straight up the stairs.  As we turn the first stair it happens.  The lovely combination of formula, peas and cereal cascading down my arm and the shirt I have to wear again the next day.  Guess it will be clean at least.  

However, I digress - the real post of the day.

Why must they ... 
Grow up so fast!

Baby boy is 7 1/2 months old.  My little guy can crawl.  This now means that cuddling is more like a wrestling match.  Last week if you saw {almost} wordless Wednesday he can raspberry with the best of them.  At naps he falls asleep on his own.  So I get all my cuddles in when I put him to bed at night.  It is the only time he lets me hold him without the squirm fest.  

Not only does he crawl, he sits for long periods of time.  Yes, I know they should be able to do this before they crawl.  He just doesn't like to sit.  But now he has found that it is easier to play with certain toys if you sit.  

So I say to my dear baby boy Alex ... Mommy loves you and you are growing up way to fast.  

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