Monday, June 18, 2012

Hickman Five Adventures: Memorial Day Parade

Hubs and I have always said that life is an adventure.  Our first few years of dating this was our motto.  Well, I am bringing it back!

So here is one of our Hickman Five Adventures, most adventures will not be featuring Hickman #5.  He usually has to stay home.  (For new readers Hickman #5 is our dog.)

Keith's cousin is a city council member in a local town.  She knows that we are on a huge adventure.  That adventure is the journey to lose 200 pounds collectively.  I know huge undertaking, but it is needed.  She invited us to walk in the NCH Memorial Day Parade.  We said, "Of Course!"  

We had the cutest waver.  

The most adorable rider, who kept himself on schedule by taking his nap in the stroller.

The handsome hubs

And look my picture has even made it to the blog.  I was on the front side of the camera for once.

It was hot, but it was fun.  Next year she said we need to decorate the stroller with balloons and streamers.  During the parade I suggested a fund raiser of a local beauty pageant.  Her response, "You want to take care of that for us?" Ummm of course!

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