Monday, June 18, 2012

Pin-spired: Headband Organizer

You know you are on Pintrest too much when ....

You ask yourself where did I get this idea.  Then have to log in and you end up pinning new amazement before you even look for your idea.

Okay ... 5 new pins later the reason I went to Pintrest in the first place.

This is an amazing headband organizer made from an oatmeal container.  Something we don't have in our house.  However, I have formula canisters.  Yes, I am one of those moms don't judge me.  *wink*

So I dug out some scrapbooking paper and tape.  Yes, that is all it took.  Measure the size of your container.  Cut off the excess.  Tape and wrap around.  If you are using a patterned paper like I am you might need two pieces of paper to line everything up.

It works great to keep her headbands all nice and organized.  However, my daughter might need two!  LOL

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