Friday, June 15, 2012

On this Path, I am a follower.

What a great week for me to stop stalking Five Minute Friday and actually post something.  This is one thing that has been going on and on, around and around in my mind for a while now ... what path am I supposed to be on.

I have own and ran preschool entertainment company for 4 years now.  Last summer it was a struggle to get out there and do it every day.  It was a lot of work for what seemed like a little money and it was pulling me away from what really mattered to me ... my 18 month old daughter (at the time).  I was pregnant, it was a hot summer.  I was no longer loving what I was doing.  I tossed around throwing in the towel with it.

So I prayed ... "God I truly believe that this is Your business do with it what you will.  I am going to listen to you and follow your lead."  God must have wanted us to give it one more shot and we marketed this sucker hard.  My husband called every single contact we had.  We emailed them all, and emailed them all a second time.  We prayed that God would financially provide for us since the bread winner was "out of work".

What happened from all that work ... nothing, okay well not nothing, but basically nothing.  The Wednesdays this summer are full and 3, yes 3 other days all summer long.

--- wow that was 5 minutes!

Sorry I need to finish my thought ... :)

It was totally a God thing too because Wednesday is the day my sitter doesn't work.  It became very obvious that God wanted me on a different path.  One that includes moving the Touch of Home Learning website information here to The Hickman Five.  And possibly using my craftiness and preschool expertise in a different way.

All I know is that on this path I am a follower.  Where God leads me I will follow.


  1. Good for you for hearing the answer and not trying to figure out a way to make it work anyway. That's my problem...but God!

  2. Oh yeah - doesn;t He surprise us with the twists and turns our paths take? But then, some are of our own making and choices... but even in that He is there with us. Blessings on your path!


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