Thursday, July 19, 2012

All About Me: C .. Christmas Crazy!

Thinking about a recent conversation with hubby has helped the words come together.  So I thank him for his silly antics.  

I love Christmas.  

I love Christmas so much that I am Christmas Crazy.  My pinterest board for Christmas is #2 for most pins of all my boards (only to be beaten by Tiny Tot Inspiration, which is my preschool board idea board).  

I listen to Christmas music all year long.  I love to decorate my house for Christmas.  {Maybe I need to just start decorating it for all sorts of holidays and then maybe I could tone this down a smidge. -- nah!}  I love to make heartfelt gifts for Christmas - and I will explain why in a minute.  I love to bake, I love to entertain, I love celebrating my Savior!  I love Santa {and still believe all because of something my mom said to a very sad 5 year old}.  

I love it all!

I have tired to explain it, and people don't seem to get it.  So, here is why I love Christmas.  

There is something different about this time of the year.  This does not even come from being raised in a house where Christmas was a great time of the year.  Christmas brought a lot of stress.  My dad still hates it because of the materialism and greed.  Yes, all of that stuff exists, I am not blind to it.  But there is something different. 

People are warmer.  People think more of the less fortunate.  People think about how they can serve someone else.  People think about how they can be a blessing.  People share the story of Jesus when they might not other times of the year.  People are nicer to each other.  Families want to create memories - because it is about the memories, not the materials.  

Memories - every year we would drive around in the car and look at all the beautiful twinkling lights!  Thank you to each and everyone of you who decorate the outside of your home! 

Memories - "Mommy, is it true Santa isn't real?"  {my 9 year old cousin had just found out and told me. I was 5.} "Do you want to believe in Santa?" *shaking my head yes* "Well, then believe.  Because Santa only visits kids who believe."  SO I still believe!  I believe that there is something magical about this time of the year and that has to be Santa.

Memories: My baby girl's first picture with Santa.  {Our neighbor donned the suit he hated twice!  Bless him.}

Notice the things we remember ...  It's the people, not the stuff.  

Just thinking about Christmas makes me feel warm inside.  I do my best to keep that spirit all year long.  Isn't that really what being a Christian is all about anyway.  Serving others and being a blessing.  Then sharing our testimony and inviting others to come with us for the ride?  

Now head over to Love Kate and check out everyone else's C! 


  1. I love Christmas too! Good for you I say :-) Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday!

    1. I am glad I found it on Google+!

  2. I love Xmas too. I know it's only July but I'm excited to shop for the kids soon!

    1. One of the stores I went in over the weekend started putting out their Christmas stuff already! I just had to walk through the ailses!

  3. Wonderful post! I love Christmas, too! So many wonderful memories attached to that time of year!

    1. People have always said that Christmas gets better when you have kids. It so does! I am so excited to add some new traditions this year.

  4. Oh so funny! I posted the same topic. I was off the computer all weekend then realized I needed to get my 'C' done. I saw yours this morning...ha ha!!!

    1. I saw yours too! Loved it. It's so close, yet so far away. I am thankful for that since the budget is all screwy this year.


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