Sunday, July 8, 2012

All About Me: A to Z

Once upon a time (earlier this week) while out Blog cruising, Facebook meandering, Pin scoping I came across Love Kate.  She is posing a challenge.  A to Z, 26 weeks - write about yourself once a week, inspiration ... a letter of the alphabet.

I thought about it, told Kelly over at Exceptionalistic about it.  She came back and said, "Let's do it."  So I gave in to the blog-peer-pressure ;) and decided to take the challenge.

This week's letter A.

I have been thinking about what am I going to write about myself starting with the letter A.  I had a few ideas and I posed the concept to hubs ... This is how part of that conversation went.  (It was Saturday and we were on lap 3 of 12 at the gym.)  I had already told him about the challenge.

"So what would be a good word that starts with A to use as a kick off word?


What? Ant-eater? Why? Are you saying I eat bugs? I have long nose? What?  

Here is his answer ... 
laughter.  nothing but laughter.  

Some help he was.  Because I wanted this to be about me I was super intentional to not go to Kelly's site and she what she wrote.  I wanted this to be ... 


I was really struggling with this.  God is working with me on some stuff right now.  Some big stuff.  Stuff that I want to share.  I could have written about accountability (my first idea) - or I could have written about apprehension - this morning during worship I thought that I could write about adoration.  

None of those are really what I wanted to say for the first week of 'all about me' challenge.  But I will tell you why I was struggling with all of these words.  God is working on me to be my authentic self.  

My authentic self is one that I think I have kept hidden for so many years I don't even know what she looks like.  

My authentic self is one that will not need to be asked if I am a Christian because when you see me, you see Jesus.  

My authentic self is one that will accepts my flaws and accepts the fact that I don't have it all together.  

My authentic self is no longer hiding.  

It is never my intention to offend anyone with what I say or how I live my life.  But I am no longer apologizing for it.  I am a Christian.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  I believe that God speaks to us through people now just like He did when Jesus walked this earth.  Yes, I have had strong holds on my mind and thinking that have been placed there by the enemy (Satan).  

I know by taking a stand I am saying - You over there, yep I am standing up for what I believe and I know you are going to take some swings at me.  You might even knock me down, but God is on my side, and you will never win.  

But it is time
My name is Sara.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the Living God and I approve this message.  


  1. Ha ha...I blog pressured you. You knew if you posed the challenge to me I'd accept it and ask you to do it. You knew that didn't you?!?
    I LOVE this. Nice post! One of the best I've read on here. You are amazing :) I can not wait for B. So much I need to learn about this awesome Sara!

    1. Well it wasn't really pressure since I knew you would ask if I was doing it ... but now that we are doing it together it will be WAY harder to wuse out on a post! LOL --- see you're being aspire-ing already. (I know bad play on words!)

  2. Ha ha...yep it's true. Looks like I'm getting what I want even though it's not on my terms. This will be fun I think...there are so many link-ups, some I've enjoyed & others not so much. Trying to determine exactly which I want to do & why!


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