Monday, July 9, 2012

Hickman Five Adventure: Columbus Zoo

Wow, am I this far behind or do we just have that much going on?  I do hope it is the later.

Time for a Hickman Five Adventure!  (sorry this took place back in MAY)

One Friday night we are sitting at the dinner table.  "Let's go to the Columbus Zoo tomorrow."  That would be from Hickman #1.  My response, "Really?" "Sure, why not?"  So, I go online and see how much it would cost and all the "fun" stuff.

I find that it is only $15 per adult and $9 for children over 2.  I also find that you can bring in coolers.  Sweet! Picnic it is.

That night I get us all packed up, picnic lunch, diaper bag with changes of clothes, extra socks and diapers.  We are ready to go.  We drop Hickman #5 off at my in-laws for a slumber party with his friends.

Saturday we load up and drive north-east for about 2 hours and end up at the zoo.  It was not a HOT day, but it was a warm one.

This zoo is huge!  Everything is spread out, the animal enclosures are large, so you are not tripping over people trying to catch a glimpse.  Now that I have kids I noticed that they had kids stuff spread out all over the zoo.

We had some great encounters.  The Tiger decided he was going to give Kaitlyn a close up view.

Got some great profile pics of my beautiful baby girl.  Looking at the camera is not acceptable at the zoo, you might miss something!

The flamingos were having a bad day and fighting.  But stunning in color!

The part that stuck out most to Kaitlyn was this ... 

while we were watching the baby was playing.  It was feeding time and a bunch of lettuce fell.  The baby got scared and ran to his Mommy to hide.  We were told about this for a week, and still told about it when she sees the pictures.  

The kangaroo enclosure was stunning - in the fact that there basically wasn't one!  You just entered this area and there they were.  

We didn't see it all, but we saw the important things ... Tigers, Elephants and Flamingos.  We came home with George the polar bear and an alligator for Alex.  We had a great time and if you are ever in Columbus, Ohio you should go to the zoo.

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