Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Be

I have found that sometimes you just need to be ... 

awake to enjoy breakfast with Daddy/Hubs.  The lovelies have been getting up early. - like 5/6 early.  So we get up and do our morning thing.  We come down and eat breakfast with Daddy before he goes to work. (Which I am not going to lie, is nice to start my day with him.) 

Sometimes you just need to be ... laid back.  Our mornings are when we are most laid back.  We play and watch some tv.  I clean up the kitchen, check email, and do some social media stuff.  Around 9 we head outside.  Yes, at 9 in the morning we are going outside to play.  Why?  Because we can and the sun has not made it to our back yard so the temperature has been tolerable in the mornings.  We play outside until 10 or 1030 and Alex needs to nap.  I wish I could bottle these relaxed mornings and turn them into our afternoons.  

Sometimes you just need to be ... intentional.  Once lunch happens the time just flies right on by.  Before I look at the clock it is time to get up from naps and make dinner.  Where did my afternoon go? It is time to be intentional with how I am spending my time.  

 Sometimes you just need to be ... Mommy.  That's my favorite thing to be.

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