Friday, July 13, 2012

That explains it!

I have been on Facebook a lot over the last week.  I have needed to because of a review I was doing.  (I will be telling you about it soon - get excited!)

Anyway ... I found a great new blogger - Conversations with Carolyn.  One of the posts she shares is that there have been arrests because of coupon fraud.  This caught my eye because of a recent grocery shopping trip that gave me a straight up headache!

Go here and read her post.

But now I know why I get so frustrated when 'extreme couponing' doesn't work for me, they are breaking the law!  I will get the best savings I can, pay $100.00 for my $150.00 worth of groceries and be happy with that.  I will buy my groceries legally and stay out of prison.

If you are an extreme couponer and you follow the laws - buying the product listed, not photocopying coupons, and not working the system (I guess there is a way to read bar codes) - I am proud of you.  I do all the tips and tricks - double up store coupons, sale and manufacture coupon.  I try to buy things at the rock bottom price.  I will stock-up a little, but if it doesn't fit in my tiny pantry it's too much.  I get excited with my "great deal of the week" too.

BUT I do get upset when 'extreme couponing' is causing stores to change coupon polices and now it is a pain in the butt to just use my 1 store coupon with 1 manufacture coupon - that is for exactly the products listed.

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  1. I hate the show Extreme Couponing. They are breaking the law just to be featured on TV. I use coupons everytime I shop but I use them legally. Like you, I'm thrilled when I can save money no matter how little the savings seems compared to the extreme couponers.

    Today I went to the store and spent $29 and saved $40 with sales and coupons. That is a huge win in my book.


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