Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Minute Fourth of July Decorations

Have I really been this behind on things that I am now just posting about our Fourth of July.  {hangs head in shame} yes.

So I had decided the Thursday before the Fourth we were going to do something on the fourth, just the four of us.  So I headed over to many people's favorite obsession.  Pinterest.  That is where I found the blog AliLily.  She had 20 Fourth of July crafts nice and organized.  One or two were her's and others were links to other sites.

We set out to make some fun decorations and activities without more than $5.

Pull String Indoor fireworks.  

{They look cute, but didn't work so well when it came to pulling the string.  They either pulled right down, or wouldn't open.}

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Fireworks.  

Don't you love the look of concentration on a toddler's face.

Firework Painting.  

I put the paint on wax paper so it would spread around easier.  

I also made a wreath frame with newspaper; however, I started to take pictures and didn't take them all.  SO I am not including it and I will be making it again another time.  

How did we do with making our decorations spending less than $5.  Great.  With the wreath, I had to buy crepe paper streamers ($3).  And that was it.  I also cut out a USA from craft foam and covered them in glitter.  

We a simple fun day.  The best part?  Daddy was home with us all day!  What can you really do when the holiday falls on a Wednesday?  

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