Monday, July 30, 2012

Make it Happen Monday {goals}

Recently read several posts about living intentionally and setting goals.  Without going into everything that lead up to this.  I have decided life is going to be more intentional.

I determined where my priorities are.  I picked:  Wife, Homemaker, Mommy, Personal, Faith, Blogger, Writer, Friend, Family, House and Finances.

Since I have always had a hard time setting goals, keeping them, and accomplishing them I thought adjusting every 6 months would be a great place to start.  I set up some bigger goals and then made some smaller goals to reach these bigger goals by the end of the year.

I have also decided that I need some sort of accountability so I am going to blog my weekly goals on Mondays and share the previous week's progress.  I am also going to extend myself grace when I miss the mark.  I am an overachiever and have perfectionist tendencies.  This means I sometimes set unrealistic goals.  I also need to remember I am a mom of 2 under 3.  Life is going to happen.

I figured who else to help keep me accountable than you.  My lovely bloggy friends.

Here we go!

7 days of post its - specific things that I love about Keith
After Bed Date Friday - Olympic theme, little games, and snacks.
Make his lunch twice this week.
Make sure he has paired socks to get him through the week.  {this really does make or break his day}

Follow my cleaning schedule.
Eat dinner at home Monday through Friday
Create Meal Plan for August

Begin our reward chart.
Be strong on keeping consequences {DVD's were taken away this week}
Play more between 9 and 11.

No more than 36 ounces of pop this week.
3 nights elliptical, 2 nights walking (minimum 2 miles) - weights and abs each night at gym
Reading Plan {outside of review books}
Lotion daily and self pedi

Turn off TV after Doc and journal 15 minutes.
Pray throughout the day - out loud.  When someone crosses my mind or a worry, or I feel the nudge - speak it!
Listen to 1 book from the bible on Bible Gateway this week.

Intentionally work my marketing and content plan.

Finish the how to's of the upcoming eBook.

Thank you notes to the friends that attended Hope Springs Party.
Email 3 friends I have not talked to in over 3 weeks.
Schedule parties for the rest of the year.  Once a month get together.
Schedule August playdates.

Newsletter about upcoming events {birthdays, gift ideas, sizes}
Plan and schedule big events for the rest of the year.
Plan a fun family day with a free event for us four.

Reset our budget to reach our goals and get it in writing.
Grocery Plan and Budget.

That seems like a really, really long list.  But it also seems totally accomplishable.  Sure I am running behind on things already this morning, but that is the rolling with the punches part.  I will update on Monday!

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